NS Curriculum and Initiatives Newsletter Update

Dear Teachers,

It has been quite a year for the curriculum department- changing standards, developing curriculum and implementing new/comprehensive programs is an enormous undertaking. It involves studying standards, identifying best practices for instruction, compiling resources for instruction, developing assessments, creating rubrics, analyzing data, organizing systems and structures to inform community and much more. I say this all because I want to acknowledge your work, effort and commitment.

This newsletter communication is simply to keep you all in the loop.


Mathematics Common Core Task Force

Dear Math Common Core Task Force,

The next Mathematics Common Core Task Force meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 3:00 at KD.
We will meet to discuss:

  • Curriculum implementation strengths and areas in need of improvement
  • Parent/Student Unit Guide Initiative
  • Curriculum and Assessment Refinement Grant
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Google Docs and assessments

All interested Math/ Sp Ed teachers are welcome (even if it is your first time participating.) If you are an elementary teacher, feel free to work it out with your principal so you can be at KD for 3:00. But if you arrive late, no worries.

Go Math!


ELA PARCC Model Content Framework

 This is just a reminder, that the English Language Arts curriculum was based on the Model Content Framework. The template that we utilized is a really great 'snapshot' of the curriculum for the year. To access the framework, go to the 'curriculum documents' tab and select ELA curriculum and click on the grade level. Each grade level has a live binder with the curriculum documents. The PARCC framework tab can provide quick and useful infomation.

District Data Use Team

This year we have developed and implemented a District Data Use Team. This team is participating in a Data Use Professional Development series to learn and implement a culture of collaborative data use. These educators will be critical in implementing and maintaining data-driven instructional practices at the district and school level. We truly appreciate the time and effort of the team members: Jilian Bitee, Cheryl Sachs, Mark Salisbury, Renee Guertin, Angela DaCosta, Michelle Halloran, Mary Ellen Tillotson, Amy Gibbins, William Pepin, Carolyn Frayne, Diane Jolin, John Lahar and Robert Mezzanotte. The District Data Use team is in the process of analyzing mathematics data across the district and will ultimately make recommendations about strengths, areas in need of improvement, as well as, recommendations for future professional development sessions. 

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Race to the Top

RI was awarded a $75 million Race To The Top Grant. These funds will used to design and implement five ‘systems of support’ transforming how the Department of Education serves individual school districts.

Common Core State Standards App

There's an App for that!!! Check out the Common Core Standards App! This free App allows you to view the CCSS quickly by subject, grade and subject category (domain/cluster.) It includes Math K-12 and Language Arts K-12. To find it, simply search "Common Core Standards" ...it was developed by MasteryConnect.

PARCC Assessment

PARCC is a 24-state consortium working together to develop K-12 assessments in English and math aligned to the Common Core Standards. PARCC will be operational for the 2014-2015 school year. Click here for more information.