2010-2011 Initiatives


  • Curriculum (K – 12)
  • Study GLE’s standards/expectations
  • Common Inquiry Tasks (K – 12)

Common Core Standards

  • Study of Standards K – 12 (teams from each building according to SOW)

Math Initiatives

  • Grade 2 after school program (Title 2A Grant)
  • NSES- Curriculum/Program Alignment
  • Halliwell- Curriculum/Program Alignment
  •  NSMS- Study of GLE’s (building-based)
  • NSHS- Course and Program/Selection Revamp, Instructional Strategies, Review/Alalyze NECAP

Writing Initiatives

  • NSES- Constructed Response Review/Common Task
  • Halliwell- Constructed Response Review
  • NSMS- Six Traits program implementation, scoring sample products: extended/constructed response
  • NSHS- Proficiency Samples, Writing across content areas, scoring sample products: constructed/extended response


  • Promethean Board
  • School Website Development
  • Technology Tutoring Program
  • Technology Integration

McRel Classroom Instruction that Works Strategies

Health Curriculum K-12


Response to Intervention

NECAP Analysis