Breakout Edu

We are excited to have recently purchased a “Breakout Edu” kit for each school for all teachers to access. The team of NS educators that went to the Google Summit in Burlington, MA this spring were introduced to this engaging kit and excited about the many possibilities for lessons. Each kit comes with a collection of locks, hidden contraptions, timers, keys, and other “diversion hardware” that can be used to play the Breakout challenges available from the store. It is a type of scavenger hunt that involves teamwork; clues, hidden messages and problem solving that can be applied to any grade level or content area. At the end of a Breakout, players will be eager for the next! Specialty K-12 Breakouts can be used to teach core academic subjects including math, science, history, language arts and have embedded standards that apply problem solving strategies within a real world or collaborative context. Breakouts can be developed by the teacher or can be accessed through the website housing free already made challenges.