ELA CCSS Resources for Teachers

Tulare County Public Schools, CA, has developed ELA 'bookmarks' that are half page reference sheets which define each CCSS by grade level. The 'bookmark' identifies essential skills, concepts, academic vocabulary and question stems relevant to the standard.


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Grade 7     Grade 8      Grades 9 & 10     Grades 11 & 12


The NYC Department of Education has created tasks, units and samples of student work products based on the Common Core State Standards. Simply select a grade level, subject and search. Click here to access the site. 

The Georgia Department of Education has developed sample questions and examples of student work products to show the rigor of questions associated with the Common Core Standards, as well as, high quality student products. These training tools give folks examples of 'low level questions' compared to the 'high-level' common core questions. See the links below to access some of the training tools.

Grade 1     Grade 3     Grade 5     Grade 8     Grade 9 & 10     


The Teaching Channel is a video showcase on the internet demonstrating effective teaching practices. There are 117 videos focusing on teaching the Common Core State Standards. Click here to view the Teaching Channel Common Core videos.