Health Curriculum

Health Curriculum

The North Smithfield School District implements a Health Curriculum Framework that is standards-based.  The curriculum is incompliance with all state regulations, laws and mandates.  Current research and professional literature was used while designing and constructing this curriculum.  All unit objectives are up-to-date and age appropriate.  The curriculum is well organized and easy to follow.  It is structured by grade, content area, standards and unit objectives.   


Report on Knowledge Base for Health Education

The North Smithfield School District Health Curriculum Framework focus’ on building student capacity in two areas:  health knowledge base and the personal skills to apply that knowledge.  The knowledge base will consist of developmentally appropriate current and accurate information that empowers our students to make informed decisions.  At the same time, personal skills, such as those involving decision-making and communication, will be strengthened.  A variety of instructional strategies and methodologies, proven to work best, will be employed in our health classrooms.  We will respect student differences and focus on science-based prevention as we strive to promote lifelong wellness within the individual and throughout the community.


Epistemological Foundations

The North Smithfield School District believes that students learn best when they are actively engaged in and personally responsible for the learning process.  Students need a safe and positive environment in which to talk purposefully about learning, to experience learning, and to observe learning.  Learning is enhanced when students have an interest in and choice about what they learn.  Students should be engaged in meaningful learning experiences that match their developmental status.


New learning builds on previous knowledge through a process that is challenging and rigorous.  That process must encourage students to problem-solve and to think originally, critically, and creatively. Thinking and problem-solving are closely linked to a demanding core of content knowledge. Learning is most quickly assimilated when connected to student goals, when students evaluate their own work and learning habits, and when instruction appeals to a variety of learning modalities and talents.


In an environment of high expectations, sustained and directed student effort, and expert teaching practices determine the extent of learning.  Our schools and district will organize to encourage and support both.