Important Dates 15-16


Important Dates 15 - 16 School Year

August 25th- Teacher Orientation Day

August 26th- Professional Development Day

September 23nd- Science Curriculum Grades 7&8

September 25th- Grade 6 Community of Practice

September 30th- Science Curriculum Grades 7&8

October 2nd- Community of Practice Gr 7& 8 Math

October 7th- ScienceCurriculum Grades 7&8

October 9th- Community of Practice Grade 5

October 14th- Science Curriculum Grades 7&8

October 21st- Science Curriculum Grade 9 Biology

October 23rd- Community of Practice Grade 4

October 28th- Science Curriculum Grade 9 Biology

November 4th- Science Curriculum Grade 9 Biology

November 6th- Community of Practice Gr 3

November 9th- Science Curriculum Grade 9 Biology (Monday)

November 18th- Science Curriculum Grades 5&6

November 25th- Professional Development Day

December 2nd- Science Curriculum Grades 5&6

December 9th- Science Curriculum Grades 5&6

December 10th- Growth Mindset Book Club / Discussion @ KD 3:00pm

December 11th- Community of Practice - Shared Classroom Initiative English Grades 7 & 8

December 14th- Science Curriculum 5&6 (monday)

December 14th- Professional Development Advisory Committee 3:00pm at KD

December 17th- The Gift of Dyslexia Book Club / Discussion 2:25 @ KD

January 6th- Science Curriculum HS Chemistry

January 13th- Science Curriculum HS Chemistry

January 20th- Science Curriculum HS Chemistry

January 27th- Science Curriculum HS Chemistry

Febebruary3rd Science Curriculum Grades 3&4

February 10thScience Curriculum Grades 3&4

February 24th- Science Curriculum Grades 3&4

March 9th- Science Curriculum Grades 3&4

March 16th- Science Curriculum HS Physics

March 23rd- Science Curriculum HS Physics

March 30th- Science Curriculum HS Physics

April 6th- Science Curriculum HS Physics

April 13th- Science Curriculum K-2

April 27th- Science Curriculum K-2

May 4th- Science Curriculum K-2

May 11th- Science Curriculum K-2