Important Dates 16-17

August 25th- Staff Orientation Day
August 26th- Professional Development Day
August 29th- First Day for Students
September 6th- Professional Development Advisory Committee
September 13th- Professional Development Day
September 14th- Populations and Ecosystems, Grade 7
September 15th- Populations and Ecosystems, Grade 7
September 27th- Planetary Science, Grade 6

September 28th- Planetary Science, Grade 6
September 28th- K-12 Math Task Force
October 13th- Grades 3-5 “My Math” training
October 24th- K-12 Math Task Force
November 2nd- Community of Practice –Grade 3
November 3rd- Community of Practice-Grade 4
November 4th- Community of Practice-Grade 5
November 8th- Professional Development Day
November 8th- High School Science NGSS task development
November 15th- Bureau of Education Research – Guided Math PD
December 3rd-4th- Google Summit
December 5th- Grade K Community of Practice
December 6th- ELA Professional Learning Community (grades 3-8) @ MS 3:15
December 7th- HS Algebra I Community of Practice
December 8th- Grade 7 Science PD (Human Systems)
December 12th- Grade 1 Community of Practice
December 14th- HS Geometry Community of Practice
December 19th- MS Math Community of Practice
January 9th- Grade 2 Community of Practice
February 28th-Grade 8 Science (Waves)
March 9th- Grade 5 Science (Earth and Sun)
March 10th- Grade 3 Science (Motion and Matter)
March 14th- Grade 4 Science (Environments)