K-5 Standards Based Report Cards

The Northwest Schools Consortium is a collaborative effort between four public school districts; Burrillville, Lincoln, North Smithfield and Smithfield. In collaboration with Smithfield Public Schools and in consultation with Lincoln and Burrillville, North Smithfield School Department will be developing new standards-based K-5 elementary report cards. A committee made up of K-5 teachers (two per grade level from both districts) will research standards based reporting, develop a set of guiding beliefs and construct a reporting vehicle that will provide accurate information and feedback to students and their families on the student’s progress towards meeting grade level standards. Smithfield and North Smithfield teachers will meet for three days in February 2013.

The new report card will be aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The standards describe what a student should know and be able to do by grade level. North Smithfield is in the process of designing curriculum and assessments based on the new standards. The new report card will allow a teacher to communicate accurately a student’s progress towards meeting standards at critical junctures through the school year, providing parents with better understanding of their child’s strengths and weaknesses. The report card will be organized by trimesters to allow teachers to conduct in-depth assessments and give students the appropriate amount of time to demonstrate proficiency. Organizing curriculum and units of study by trimester was discussed at both North Smithfield Elementary and Halliewll schools School Improvement Team meetings in May of 2012. It was unanimously agreed upon that organizing units of study into trimesters would not only allow teachers to tailor instruction appropriately based on demonstrated abilities but also promote more detailed and meaningful conversations at parent/teacher conferences.

We will be encouraging parents to participate in the process and will be developing a communication plan to keep all stakeholders informed through a variety of communications tools, including PTO meetings, emails, letters, and use of the school/district website.