Math CCSS Teacher Resources


The Khan Academy (a non-profit organization) has created Common Core Maps. These maps allow you to select a grade level, and access a description of the standard, video tutorials and student exercises. To access the site click here.


The Illustrative Mathematics Project provides illustrations/sample problems of mathematical work that students can experience aligned to the Common Core Standards. After clicking on the grade level and standard, click on illustration and samples will appear to support the implementation of the standards. To access the Illustrative Mathematics Project, click here.


Inside Mathematics has some amazing resources for math teachers! The site includes innovative ideas for teaching lessons, materials and resources. I would recommend taking a 'video tour' of the site, it really is quite impressive. To access Inside Mathematics, click here.


NSA Learning Units The National Security Agency has sponsored teacher workshops designed to develop teacher friendly materials and units for classroom use. Although the units had been created prior to the development of the Common Core Standards, they provide an abundent of resources with a focus on making meaningful use of mathematical knowledge and encourage the mathematical practices identified in the common core state standards.

     Elementary Units          Middle School Units          High School Units


The NYC Department of Education has created tasks, units and samples of student work products based on the Common Core State Standards. Simply select a grade level, subject and search. Click here to access the site. 


Mathematical Practices: One of the key shifts within the Mathematics Common Core Standards is the emphasis on mathematical practices.

Mathematical Practices

Standard 1: Make Sense of problems and persevere in solving them
Standard 2: Reason abstractly and quantitatively 
Standard 3: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others
Standard 4: Model with mathematics 
Standard 5: Use appropriate tools strategically
Standard 6: Attend to precision
Standard 7: Look for and make use of structure
Standard 8: Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning