Math Middle School

This page has been created to demonstrate how we can utilize resources to study one Math CCSS standard, view a video tutorial teaching the identified standard and then analyze a sample tasks, as well as, view student products demonstrating proficiency of the standard. These resources have been gathered from various websites throughout the country.


Grade Level: 8

Standard: 8.EE.5  Graph proportional relationships, interpreting the unit rate as the slope of the graph. Compare two different proportional relationships represented in different ways.

Study the Standard: This guide was developed by The Delaware Public School Department, for each standard the guide offers a description, explanation and example. To view this standard click here and scroll to to 8.EE.5. 

The Teaching Channel: Below is an example of a classroom teacher demonstrating a lesson teaching the identified standard (8.EE.5.)



 Khan Academy: The Khan Academy website has created practice pages for essential skills, as well as, video tutorials teaching (pre-teaching or re-teaching the specific skill.) Click here to view an instructional video based on standard 8.EE.5


The Illustrative Mathematics Project: The Illustrative Math Project had developed ranges and types of mathematical work that students can experience aligned to the CCSS.To view one of the five tasks aligned to standard 8.EE.5 click here. 




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