RTTT Action Plans

RTTT Initiative Update - June 2012

The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) is using the RTTT funds to design and implement five ‘systems of support’ transforming how the Department of Education serves individual school districts. The ultimate goal of each system is to improve student achievement, ensuring that all students are ready for success in college, careers, and life. The five systems of support are:

System #1- Standards & Curriculum
System #2- Instructional Improvements
System #3- Educator Effectiveness
System #4- Human Capital Development
System #5- School Transformation and Innovation (Not applicable to NS)

System #1 Update- As of June 2012, NS has:
• Planned, coordinated and implemented a “Study of the Standards” introducing faculty to the Common Core State Standards adopted by 46 states
• Identified Curriculum areas/subjects in need of development
• Distributed hard copies of the Common Core Standards to faculties
• Shared new math fact standards with elementary teachers and modified math instructional minutes to reflect an additional 15 minutes of fact instruction
• Developed NS Curriculum Website to keep all stakeholders informed about CCSS highlighting important information
• Invited all teachers to participate in an afterschool workshop to review writing samples within CCSS
• Wrote and was awarded a $20,000 grant to develop ELA curriculum
• Developed ELA Curriculum Writing Teams
• Developed an ELA CCSS task force to ensure curriculum is aligned and articulated
• Developed a ‘Resident Expert’ team to research shifts in instruction and expectations
• Developed ELA Curriculum in grades 5-10 including units of study, scope and sequence, instructional strategies and resources

System #2 Update- As of June 2012, NS has:
• District administration has participated in Instructional Management System (IMS) training
• Created a multi-year plan to implement formative assessment and data modules (scheduled for 2013-14 school year)
• Coordinated a scaffold plan to implement the interim assessment module (four grade levels for the 2012-2013 school year)
• Developed and submitted a timeline and plan facilitating training of educators in the use of the interim assessments
• Identified and submitted to RIDE an LEA data steward maintaining data quality standards of local student information systems

System #3 Update- As of June 2012, NS has:
• Identified LEA Evaluation Team, set meeting schedule, reviewed and update action plan
• Identified individuals who will serve as evaluators and coordinate training sessions
• Training for all administrators and evaluators on the Rhode Island Model (four training sessions during the 2011-2012 school year)
• Local training for department heads and team leaders focusing on the short observation
• Worked with RIDE ISP to support elementary principals
• Calibrated observation/record keeping with ISP and elementary principals
• On-going professional development/presentations and work sessions provided to faculty throughout the school year focusing on the completion of for self-assessment document, professional growth plan, beginning of the year conference, setting Student Learning Objectives, and evidence teachers can use in support of their professional growth plan and student learning objectives
• Completed two informal and one formal observation of teachers including feedback (pre/post conferences)
• Completed evaluations and end of the year conference

System #4 Update- As of June 2012, NS has:
• Participated in Induction Development Opportunities
• Identified Possible Mentors for Training
• Met with Induction coaches serving North Smithfield discuss/identify: Schedule, # of new teachers, Share district initiatives
• Participated in new teacher orientation/overview of induction program
• Communicated RIDE reporting requirement about Induction Program
• Communicated Human Capital Development updates and initiatives to administrative team

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