Science Update

Last year our teachers worked throughout the year to align curricula with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS.) Our curriculum development teams created curriculum guides that 'unpack' each standard, a curriculum map that shows which standards we are teaching by quarter and units of study based on the Understanding by Design (Ubd) format. It was great to team up with Burrillville High School science teachers during this process. We have begun to implement the new units of study.

Teachers will be participating in professional development sessions throughout the 16-17 school year with East Bay Educational Collaborative as we begin implementation.

East Bay Education Collaborative representatives came to North Smithfield High School this past Tuesday to work with our High School Science Department to develop tasks, activities and lessons that align with and support the implementation of the new curriculum and the NGSS.

Upcoming Science PD:
December 8th- Human Systems – Grade 7
February 28th- Waves, NGSS – Grade 8
March 9th- Earth and Sun- Grade 5
March 10th- Motion and Matter – Grade 3
March 14th- Environments- Grade 4