Science Updates

Through the Northwest Consortium (North Smithfield, Lincoln, Burrillville, and Smithfield), our High School Science teachers participated in a full-day professional development session with East Bay Collaborative focusing on biology, chemistry and physics lesson development aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Teachers in all four school districts filled out a feedback survey which validated the need and support for multi-district professional development. All teachers found the day to be valuable and engaging.
The multi-year implementation to the Full Option Science System (FOSS) kits aligned to the new NGSS standards is going along well. The FOSS program employs a philosophy of teaching and learning that has guided the development of successful active-learning science curricula bridging research and practice by providing tools and strategies to engage students and teachers in enduring experiences that lead to deeper understanding of the natural and designed worlds. FOSS provides all students with science experiences that are appropriate to students’ cognitive development and prior experiences. It provides a foundation for a more advanced understanding of core science ideas which are organized in thoughtfully designed learning progressions and prepares students for life in an increasingly complex scientific and technological world. Grades 3-5 teachers will be participating in science PD in the coming weeks. A few of the dates were rescheduled due to snow and weather cancellations. Grade 5 teachers will be participating in the“Earth and Sun” unit professional development, grade 4 teachers will participate in the “Environment” unit professional development and grade 3 teachers will focus on the “Matter and Motion” unit.