Timeline/Plan 2011-2012

Teachers representing all grade levels have been trained in the McRel Classroom Instruction That Works (CITW), a comprehensive set of teaching strategies that have been found to be effective in increasing the academic achievement of all students at all grade levels. All North Smithfield students will benefit from consistent, predictable instructional strategies throughout their educational careers. I sincerely thank our Teacher Trainers for all the time, energy and effort that they have given to this important initiative!!


Timeline/plan for the 2011-2012 School Year:


September 20th- High School* teacher trainers all day PD, review strategies and prepare for PD presentation (with Elizabeth’s support) on Sept. 30th, the presentation will overview all strategies and then focus more specifically on implementing: (1) objectives/feedback (2), effort and recognition and (3) cooperative learning

(*this includes the two teachers joining us from Halliwell)


September 21st- Elementary teacher trainers all day PD to prepare for PD day on September 30th. I would like to teach ALL of the remaining 5 strategies to Elem teachers on the Sept. 30th PD day (similarities, summarizing, homework, cooperative learning, hypothesis)


September 29th- Work with High School teachers to continue introducing strategies (also share with Elizabeth any questions about the pd day, the following day)


September 30th- Elizabeth will be with the HS teachers as they introduce McRel strategies (about 2 hours 15 minutes) Then Elizabeth will be with the Elem teachers as they teach all the remaining strategies (about 2 hours)


November 9th- Work with High School* teacher trainers continuing instruction on the strategies


November 10th- Work with HS teacher trainers to prepare for the PD day on November 23rd (HS trainers will teach faculty 3 more strategies, (1) cues/questions, (2) summarizing/note taking and (3) non linguistic representations)


November 23rd- HS trainers will teach three more strategies on the 11/23 PD day (Elizabeth will not be here for this PD day) (1) cues/questions, (2) summarizing/note taking and (3) non linguistic representations


Possibly (but not planned or confirmed)

----March 14th- Work with HS teachers to prepare for PD day on 3/23/12 introducing the last three strategies (1) homework/practice (2) similaraties and differences (3) generating and testing hypothesis

----March 15th- Work with Elem teachers, walk-through, observation etc…

---March 23rd- HS trainers will teach the remaining three strategies  (1) homework/practice (2) identifying similarities/differences (3) generating and testing hypothesis