General Information

Certification Info:
The online renewal is now open for educators with certificates expiring in August 2016. This is super important! If you let you certification expire you will have to reapply and meet all the new regulations. RIDE will be notifying educators of their upcoming cert expiration via email. Please make sure that RIDE has your current email. You can update your contact info and/or renew your certificate on the My eCert portal on RIDEmap.

Grades 4-8 Roster Verification:
In the past, teachers in grades 3-7 would have to verify rosters due to the grades we tested using necap. As we transition to the parcc and conduct spring testing, teachers in grades 4-8 will have to verify rosters. Because this is the first year that Grade 8 will be included we will want to ensure that all TCS data submitted to RIDE includes the contributing educator flags for grade 8 ELA and math.

PARCC Released Items:
Just a friendly reminder that PARCC has released tests from last Spring. I know that we have begun to examine the sample items and responses, but thought I’d send the link as a reminder that they are available. The samples give teachers a powerful tool to inform and improve classroom teaching and learning.

Upcoming Dates

Just sending along a reminder of some important upcoming dates... 


January 6th- Science Curriculum HS Chemistry

January 7th- HS Community of Practice – Grade 9 English

January 8th- HS Community of Practice- Grade 10 English

January 13th- Science Curriculum HS Chemistry

January 20th- Science Curriculum HS Chemistry

January 25th- Professional Development Advisory Committee

January 27th- Science Curriculum HS Chemistry

January 27th- Halliwell Book Study (Daily 5) @7:45am

Febebruary3rd- Science Curriculum Grades 3&4

February 3rd- (tentative) Math Textbook Committee meeting (grades 3-5)

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